Rain On Dust is their third album in as many years and finds the Austin-to-Los Angeles and back again (and all-points-in-between) band firing on all cylinders.

Shane Renfro, RF Shannon's songwriter, was born in the Texas panhandle and raised in the pines of East Texas. This stark contrast of scenery would eventually come to inform the minimalist brand of hazy pastoral music that he and the band creates.

What began in 2014 as an experiment in psychomagic with the intention of healing ancestral gaps (RF Shannon is the name Renfro would see on pieces of mail as a child addressed to his late grandfather) became an enduring expression of unique songwriting.

“I think we carry a lot of ghosts, individually and collectively, from a lack of connecting with the process of living and dying well, I think our individualistic tendencies have unintentionally orphaned us in some way,” Renfro says. “In our songs I am drawn to calling up oneiric images, symbols, unknown things, and wrapping them gently in a tapestry of my musical influences— namely country and old soul music.”

RF Shannon maintains an unnameable quality to their brand of Texas music, though some attempts have served apt at times: Desert Blues, Deconstructed Americana, Western Gothic. “I’ve never really cared to figure it out. I like the idea of a Southwestern sound. That’s my haunt. We’re too country for the indie world, not country enough for the Americana crowd. Too mellow for the psych scene, too Texas thunderstorm for the California sunshine.”

Hard on the heels of 2018’s Trickster BluesRF Shannon will release their new album on Keeled Scales on August 2, 2019, with an East Coast tour supporting Molly Burch to follow from August 5-14.

“A slice of hazy country-psych that creates a gorgeous and hypnotic mood” - Aquarium Drunkard

“Cosmic Country bliss” - Noisey

"If Gram Parsons was high on Quaaludes and recorded a track with My Bloody Valentine. Lush reverb soaked Americana perfect for a night drive down a desert road." - KUTX Austin

"Dusty breeze of West Texas folk" - New Commute

”Western, psych-hued foundations with dreamy blues and Seventies soul…yearning and luxurious” - Austin Chronicle